Feeding Curiosity Through Learning

I have been told I have a large appetite for learning. How about you?

If I’m not learning something new, I feel less than fully alive. The more I learn, the more I want to learn, and the more excited I am about learning. Whenever I learn something new it accelerates curiosities, creates new connections, and leads me in new directions.

This is vastly different from how I learned in school. Learning back then seemed to be more of an endpoint. The test grade, the paper written, the course completed. It was as if the purpose of learning was to make me more certain, more knowledgeable, and less curious.

The other characteristic of my past learning was that every subject was in a silo all to itself. Interdisciplinary study and learning was rare. Whenever a new subject was encountered there was no attempt to relate it to previous knowledge or to another field of study. Thankfully there are many interdisciplinary fields now, and this is where scientific advances are happening the fastest.

When I read now, my focus is on how the content relates to Trager. It is amazing how much current science is related to what Milton knew intuitively. This is what excites me the most, and this is what I enjoy sharing with the Tragerology community.

As an adult learner I am thrilled to have outgrown the old learning paradigm. Being exposed to new concepts and being able to share these with the Trager community brings me lots of satisfaction. One of the joys within the Tragerology community is witnessing how learning new concepts is feeding the curiosity of members, and enhancing their practice, both personal and with clients. We are all growing together in our understanding of how our work is grounded in science.

How about you? Are you curious to learn more? If you’d like a consistent pace of learning within a consistent community, joining Tragerology might be just the answer. We'd love to have you participate!

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