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Eileen Dickinson PT, Trager International Elective Teacher, Content Designer

Learning recharges my battery! Growing from my roots in Physical Therapy, I have been casually studying scientific information that is applicable to Trager for many years. Biotensegrity, a rich and emerging field of science, is my most recent study. Being a lifelong learner is a key part of who I am.

Sharing what I learn excites me, whether it’s about pollinator plants, beekeeping methods, or my current understanding of the anatomical and physiological correlates of Trager principles, processes, and outcomes.

Transforming the landscape, whether backyard garden or the inner landscape of the bodymind, brings meaning to my life’s work. Participating in your transformation delights me!

Roger Tolle, Senior Instructor forTrager International, Somatic Movement Therapist, Creator of Movement Explorations

Dancing is where I first came alive to my soul's longing for a lifetime in movement. Reforming my body from pudgy, melancholy teenager to fluid, dynamic performer happened through years of dedicated daily practice. I continue to find renewed vitality and a well regulated mind through extraordinary movement awareness integrated into ordinary activity.

Teaching the power of undefended vulnerability and radical authenticity is my calling. There is nothing more satisfying than introducing my fellow humans to their body’s natural movement potentials — moving as nature intended.

Balancing gravity with levity, intense focus with wild abandon, soft touch with dynamic power, it never ceases to amaze me how beauty emerges. It is deeply satisfying for me to meet students and clients exactly where they are, and invite them into brain-expanding somatic possibilities.

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