Say what?

Many bodyworkers struggle to talk about their work with potential referral sources and potential clients, and sometimes even with existing clients. I’m curious about the underlying challenge. Talking with people about practices that aren’t mainstream in our culture is the first challenge. While it is tempting to compare our modality with something people may already …

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Words. Milton used them effectively, and at the same time he often minimized their power. Words have the power to convey thoughts, ideas, concepts, and yes, feeeeelings! I often hear from Trager students and practitioners that they hesitate to use words because it will distract from feeling or disrupt relaxation. Do you agree? What is …

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Under The Hood

Have you ever wondered about the underpinnings of the Tragerology presentations? Here’s an “under the hood” view of the three modules related to pedagogy, unveiling how we used educational principles to support your learning. Ahead of this series, we planted a few seeds to pique interest and curiosity. Eileen wrote a blog post on self-directed …

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