Self-development: the Missing Piece in Marketing

Milton spoke frequently about the need for self-development, and he stated repeatedly that we are able to give only what we have already developed within ourselves. Did you hear him say this directly? What connection to you see between self-development ...
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Pleasure Snacks

Yesterday I participated in a webinar related to pain and was delighted to hear the speaker introduce the concept of pleasure snacks. When I think of snacks, I think of something small that is eaten between meals. For me it ...
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The Knowledge Iceberg

I first saw the iceberg image in a post by NOI  in their Neuroscience Nuggets series, a regular and witty bit of writing by Lorimer Moseley and/or David Butler. They are writing primarily for an audience of people who work ...
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Feeding Curiosity Through Learning

I have been told I have a large appetite for learning. How about you? If I'm not learning something new, I feel less than fully alive. The more I learn, the more I want to learn, and the more excited ...
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Are You Tired of Chasing Your Clients’ Pain?

Milton Trager gave us many strategies for working with people in pain. He advised us to play with pain rather than trying to eliminate it, suggesting we use smaller/ slower movement, or simply pause. Another piece of advice from Milton ...
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Tiny Habits

Ah, September! This is the time of year I associate with renewal more than the traditional new calendar year. Along with new pencils, new classes and teachers, and a blank slate from schooling years, fall opens me to new possibilities, ...
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Reflections on Fascia

The world of fascia research and specific fascia-related modalities has recently exploded. Since one of the banner words on the USTA website includes the word fascia, I suggest we expand our view, and understand more about this ubiquitous tissue. You will ...
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Letting Go of Letting Go?

Several years ago I read a blog post titled Our Obsession with Releasing is Hurting Us. At the time it didn't register deeply, as my interest was not in the arena of trauma work. Since then I have expanded the lens through ...
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