Words. Milton used them effectively, and at the same time he often minimized their power.

Words have the power to convey thoughts, ideas, concepts, and yes, feeeeelings! I often hear from Trager students and practitioners that they hesitate to use words because it will distract from feeling or disrupt relaxation. Do you agree? What is your experience?

Because we process language in a distributed language network in the brain, and because there are connections between the language "centers" and the autonomic nervous system, words have more power than we might think. Are you curious to know some of the science behind this statement?

In the October 2023 Tragerology module we will explore the power of words, and how to use words to change physiology and feeling. I will provide some science, RogerTolle will provide movement explorations, and you will experience new confidence with "using your words" in the context of Trager.

Let me know your thoughts on the compatibility of words and Trager in the comments below.

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