Under The Hood

Have you ever wondered about the underpinnings of the Tragerology presentations? Here’s an “under the hood” view of the three modules related to pedagogy, unveiling how we used educational principles to support your learning.

Ahead of this series, we planted a few seeds to pique interest and curiosity. Eileen wrote a blog post on self-directed learning, and Amrita asked a few questions and gave a testimonial during the preceding Zoom Insights and Curiosities. There were a few Facebook teasers as well.

We kept the usual overall module structure for consistency and familiarity so participants could focus on content, and we changed up a few elements to spark alertness and to be a bit more playful. We sprinkled some surprises within this framework to tease the brain's attentional network, and to shuffle patterns.

Some of the content was introduced in an experiential way first, rather than starting with didactic information. This is good for integration/application, and a welcome shift for participants who learn best through their bodies.

We asked a few attendees to read chat comments (Roger Tolle) and a few slides (Cindy Popp-Hager), and Eileen and Amrita Daigle led Mentastics – all of these to offer you both a variety of voice tones and the safety of a known presence.

The core content was presented in the same shaped sequence three times in a row, because pattern repetition creates anchors which are helpful for ease of learning and memorization.

  • Amrita presented pedagogy information
  • Eileen offered concrete neuroscience data intertwined with Amrita’s segments
  • Participants expressed themselves and practiced a variety of experiences including chat sharing moments and breakout groups segments

Revealing what is under the hood is helpful for clients as well. We both often tell our client what we’re feeling/noticing, what we’re doing, or why we’re exploring something. We’re curious about how much of your pedagogical process you disclose to your clients. What do you notice when you are more transparent about your process?


Eileen Dickinson and Amrita Daigle


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