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Are you frustrated with your own persistent pain, or that of your clients? Do your clients feel better after they see you, only to return the next time with the same complaints?

Focusing on the tissue-based origin of pain is futile in the presence of persistent pain. Keeping clients in the old paradigm of the neurophysiology of pain is doing a disservice to clients, and keeping you stuck in an endless cycle.

Hi, I’m Eileen.

For nearly 2 decades I've been teaching science to somatic practitioners, particularly Trager practitioners. Four years ago I launched an online membership to reach people during the pandemic when we couldn't gather in person. Tragerology has proven so successful that this learning community is continuing with monthly lessons. Topics are applicable to many disciplines within somatic movement education and somatic movement therapy.

What I've seen is that practitioners who are learning about the neurophysiology of pain are more successful in dealing with pain in their own body, and are achieving excellent results with their clients. As the saying goes, education is analgesia!

The first time I exposed the realities of up-to-date pain science, learners were a bit shocked. This was early in 2021. Concepts and terminology was revolutionary for most practitioners, and even so they were able to receive it and put it into practice, both for themselves and their clients.

I continually receive feedback that I synthesize complex information and present it in clear, digestible, bite size chunks. Even people who are not drawn to science are raving about what they are learning, understanding, and putting into practice.



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