Self-development: the Missing Piece in Marketing

Milton spoke frequently about the need for self-development, and he stated repeatedly that we are able to give only what we have already developed within ourselves. Did you hear him say this directly? What connection to you see between self-development and marketing your work?

Lifelong learning is one of my passions, professionally as well as in other areas of my life. I thrive on the challenges I give myself to grow into this amazing approach that Milton gifted us. One of the early challenges I took on was to be able to talk about our work in unique ways. This endeavor was initially to be able to understand the work better, and to answer client questions more fully. The unexpected benefit was, and still is, the effortless marketing. There is nothing better than having clients talking about my work in a way that potential clients understand and are then drawn to experience.

One of the challenges many of us face is marketing our work. The challenge may be in more tangible aspects of marketing, such as not having a brochure, business cards, or website. Or the challenge could be less tangible, such as lacking confidence in speaking about the work, or not having up-to-date language to use. Another less tangible challenge could be could be related to fully embracing the breadth, depth and power of the work, and simply speaking about Trager as relaxation.

I find that when I have a better grasp of the science underlying our work, my work is more specific, my clients experience greater transformation, and they can speak with others in their circle of influence with language that resonates deeply.

Tragerologists are starting to speak about our work with more specificity. They are able to incorporate new ideas and words into their current understanding, and find a way to talk about Trager in a deeper and broader way. Having a supportive, consistent, and engaged learning community has enabled members to blossom. Having a subscription to self-development (Tragerology) is a key ingredient for consistency and inspiration!

When you integrate and apply what you learn in Tragerology you will engage in your personal Mentastics in a new way. You will be able to engage in a new and exciting ways with your clients, bringing you joy and satisfaction, and creating better word-of-mouth marketing. You will have a newfound confidence in speaking, and you will speak in a more detailed and effective way to prospective clients. Some of the new information will leak into tutorials if you are a Tutor, and into your teaching if you are an Instructor or Teacher.

I think Milton would be proud of our efforts to go beyond “scratching the surface”. I am thrilled to add science to Dr. Trager’s intuitive approach so that it reaches more people through more effective marketing. And most of all, I enjoy witnessing the responsiveness within our community.

Feel free to leave a comment below. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

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2 thoughts on “Self-development: the Missing Piece in Marketing”

  1. I am grateful to join the blog, and to grow in the shared knowledge and insights as each of us discover the wisdom and validity in the core principles in Dr. Trager’s approach to the body.
    When it comes to marketing, what I am ever learning from our patients is, the engine that drives the train is quality touch that meets the need of the patient/cliient. The barometer, for me, is in their feedback.
    Some of the things they share that mean the most are the subtle things: calmness, kindness,
    being fully present, listening, talking with them, not at them.
    Quality touch is conveying safety and trust to the ever aware autonomic nervous system by
    dropping the weight of my arms, before I touch them (drop the weight, automatically lose the tension) then bring my arms up staying loose without tension. If I extend my arms with
    muscle tension, I can’t let go of the tension because I am also holding up the weight of my arms. Drop arms, stay loose, bring arms up loose and I’ve lost tension and can maintain the ease. Pauses build trust in giving the body time to respond.

  2. Yes Jayne, and it is great when your clients can share the quality of your touch with their sphere of influence. They end up marketing for you!

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