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Many bodyworkers struggle to talk about their work with potential referral sources and potential clients, and sometimes even with existing clients. I'm curious about the underlying challenge.

Talking with people about practices that aren't mainstream in our culture is the first challenge. While it is tempting to compare our modality with something people may already be familiar with, say massage or chiropractic, I find this tactic often adds more confusion than clarity. People are less interested in the what/how of the modality, and more interested in what's in it for them.

Trager, and other somatic movement education modalities, are multifaceted and complex, and can be talked about in so many ways. For this reason I suggest tailoring your message to the individual to whom you are speaking, or the specific group you have in front of you. The message needs to be more about the person, and less about the modality!

Here is what I find to helpful.

  • I find my feet and allow ground reaction force to lift my body up into gravity. Modeling is powerful!
  • I become fully present and allow this to be my guide. My state of being will be contagious!
  • I ask questions to find out what issue/issues they are dealing with for which they would like assistance. They feel heard and understood and will want to work with you!
    • what are they currently feeling?
    • what would they like to feel?
    • what would they like to do that they are currently unable to do?
  • I tailor my message to their individual (or collective) need, adding just enough science at the level they can comprehend. Having even a brief scientific explanation makes something outside of mainstream care sound legitimate!

This last point is where Tragerology comes in. Just one tidbit of information from a relevant module can make the difference! What are you finding helpful in this regard? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.



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