Restoring Joy

When a client arrives saying that the focus on her knee (recent joint replacement) has taken all the joy out of her life, it is a reminder to see each client as a whole person, and focus less on the body part.

Not being able to walk because of post-surgical pain (in spite of continued opioid use, undergoing manipulation under anesthesia, and vigorous PT intervention) is the reason for this client lacking joy.

In the course of her first session I focused on her whole body, giving the feeling of ease, pleasure, lightness and connection. The only "direct" touch and movement related to the surgical knee was fluffing, slurping, and jostling thigh tissue. This is in keeping with the knowledge that all human tissue is soft matter, and with light touch it becomes softer.

After tablework I gave this client a few movements to explore: self-fluffing of the thigh, dangling the lower leg and initiating a circular movement, and imagining walking with a string lifting her affected knee.

Needless to say, without any "fixing intention" joy was evident in her whole being. After this session and 2 more, she began to make progress in PT and she stopped taking opioids. She returned to walking for pleasure and necessity, and most importantly, joy was restored.

I'm curious to hear from you about where you put your focus with clients.

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1 thought on “Restoring Joy”

  1. Thanks Eileen,
    This is a wonderful extra source of information and description of real life situations.
    It is also something that I can dip into in my own time, when I sometimes can’t make it to the Tragerology zooms live.
    Love, Jenny

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