Self-directed learning

Self-directed Learning

I’ve heard Lorimer Moseley speak about learning, mostly in the context of pain science. Much of what he talks about can be applied to self-directed learning in any subject matter. I recall one of Lorimer’s quotes that resonated with me.​      Education isn’t something that happens to you. Learning requires you to do the …

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pleasure snacks

Pleasure Snacks

Yesterday I participated in a webinar related to pain and was delighted to hear the speaker introduce the concept of pleasure snacks. When I think of snacks, I think of something small that is eaten between meals. For me it needs to be easy, convenient and nutritious. My go to is a handful of nuts. …

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The Knowledge Iceberg

I first saw the iceberg image in a post by NOI  in their Neuroscience Nuggets series, a regular and witty bit of writing by Lorimer Moseley and/or David Butler. They are writing primarily for an audience of people who work with people in pain, namely Physical Therapists. However, their thoughts are also applicable to us …

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Tiny Habits

Ah, September! This is the time of year I associate with renewal more than the traditional new calendar year. Along with new pencils, new classes and teachers, and a blank slate from schooling years, fall opens me to new possibilities, including developing a new habit or two. Habits are things we generally associate with a …

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Reflections on Fascia

The world of fascia research and specific fascia-related modalities has recently exploded. Since one of the banner words on the USTA website includes the word fascia, I suggest we expand our view, and understand more about this ubiquitous tissue. You will find many definitions of fascia, depending on the year, and who is doing the defining. …

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